In the beginning

Now that the last IVF is looming, I feel the need to look back to see what brought us here. This is most likely going to be long (and boring)!

As far as I can remember we did not really make a decision to start trying for a baby. We just quit using birth control. I had had that capsule thing in my arm for three years and I could not find a pill that would not make me sick. So we used condoms for a while. But it gets really old and one day we just decided to stop using them.

This seems to be such a long time ago. We had just moved in together at that time. It was 1997. And needless to say, nothing happened. At first it did not bother me much. After all, we had just decided to stop using birth control; we were not trying to have a baby. There’s a difference.

A year passed. I did not get pregnant. At this time I decided it was time to see someone about it. So I made an appointment with an ob/gyn. Well, that appointment was just about the biggest waste of time. She gave me some pieces of paper so I could do a BBT chart. Then she gave me another piece of paper to give to DH to have his sperm checked. Then she told me I should join Weight Watchers. Sure, I was not thin at that time but not obese either.

But the sperm sample would have to be given at a clinic because it was an hour and a half away. DH refused. Time passed. I did not get pregnant. Suddenly another year had passed. Then I thought about something that useless ob/gyn had told me: that I could be having something called polycystic ovaries. I found a usenet group for PCOS. I started reading it and decided that I needed to see a doc that knows endocrinology. So I went on a low carb diet and booked an appointment with another doc.

This finally got the ball rolling. He was really concerned that we had wasted two years trying to get pg on our own and gave me referral to the university hospital. He looked at my chart, ordered day 20 progesterone and told me it would be OK to bring DH’s sperm sample a bit late just to get one. So now we were getting somewhere!

To be continued

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