Objects in motion

Infertility journey, part II

Soon I had the pleasure of transporting a cup filled with sperm in my bra to the lab. The verdict was that there is sperm, it’s just not really good sperm. And the progesterone test showed that I had ovulated.

It didn’t take too long for the envelope to arrive in the mail where we were told to come to the hospital for an appointment. But DH could not come as he was working in another city at that time and could not get several days off to go to the appointment with me. I called them and asked if I could come alone and they said yes. Or let me say one nurse said yes, when I went there alone everyone else asked me why I was there alone. Not a really nice experience…

This was also my first encounter with the u/s wand. Little did I know back then that I’d get to be more than familiar with it. So I learned that my ovaries are not that polycystic after all. Then I was told that I’ll have to come to a saline u/s to see if my tubes are open. If they were the next step would be Clomid and IUI. And I was told to bring DH with me to the procedure so that they could see he exists.

This procedure had to be performed within certain cycle days so it took a while before I could go. By this time DH was working closer and could have gone with me but then a nurse said he is not needed there. So I go alone and hear that he should have come after all because they need to see him before we start actual treatment. Oh great. The good news is that I have at least one tube open. But I have to schedule another appointment and come with DH to get the prescription for Clomid.

So we go to the appointment and get the meds. I’m supposed to take Clomid on days 3-7 and an amp of Menogon on days 8 and 9 and come for an u/s on day 10. But somebody forgot to give me the needles needed for those Menogon injections!! I have no choice but go to the emergency room of the local hospital to have a nurse do the injections. In the butt. Which really hurts. And makes me walk like a duck. Luckily nobody at work notices.

Day 10 comes. I go to the appointment. I get to see the doc that does not speak much. He takes the wand and starts measuring. Mutters something I can not really hear and says that we are doing IVF instead. Gee. Not what I was expecting to hear. So I leave with prescription for more Menogon and some HCG and time and date of my first retrieval.

I make a few more trips to the emergency room. Then retrieval day comes. I was so totally unprepared for this all. I go to the retrieval room and when laying there I hear that surprise, surprise: the follies have not grown as expected. One egg is retrieved. One egg is fertilized. One egg is transferred. Two weeks and many sticky progesterone suppositories later I start bleeding.

To be continued…


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