I'm really a private person

I have been actively avoiding having my photo taken for a long time now. Those few that have been taken I hate with a passion. I’m fat. I’m ugly. I’m short. I have ridiculously big boobs. I have coke-bottle glasses. The last ones taken of me that I can bare to look at were taken at our wedding on 2001.

So why does it suddenly matter now? Well somebody here decided that we have to make a magazine about what we do here and give it a personal spin so the readers see that we are just people like everyone else. And because of that I’m suddenly supposed to come up with a picture of me when I’m not at work. Fuck! Does somebody really believe this technical stuff is that scary? I mean, everyone must know what RF is, right? Right??? Come on now, raise your hand! Oh shit.

Oh yeah, and the pic should show me with my hobbies. What hobbies? I can’t even remember having a hobby for a really long time. Do you think they would appreciate a pic of me shooting meds into my fat belly? Or maybe one of me in the stirrups and properly drugged for retrieval? Maybe if I’d put all my drugs for the next cycle on the table and pass them on as my hobby?

Did I already mention that I hate the idea? I do not mind talking about the job so much, but why do I have to drag out things like DS in the same article? They actually suggested having a pic of me doing something with him, but that really goes too far. No way. At least leave him out of it! And how I’m supposed to know why I decided to become an engineer? Does anybody really decide these things with just their head?? All I can say that this is what I chose and I’m not regretting it.

We’ll see how the article comes out. Wanna bet that I am going to hate it?


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