When have I used up all my days

I know it has been a long time. I can not say that things have progressed just great. They have not.

I have lost my job. I am now unemployed. I’m managing, so this is just an opportunity to think what I really want. At least for now. But if I do not find a new job in the next few months… well, that is a whole new ballgame.

And about two weeks ago my father died. Yes, he was 101 years old so it can not be called a surprise. But it was a chock. I was a complete mess for a few days. But it seems that I got used to the idea of him dying soon. Yes, I will mourn, but I will also know it was time.

What is harder to swallow is that I just learned that a friend of mine has died in a car accident. She was two years younger that I am. I have known her for at least 20 years. I do not care how religious any of you are, but it could not be her time yet.

It was a mindless accident. In a road I knew was dangerous. I always felt threatened when walkinf or biking on it.

I’m just so sad. Life is too short. You never know. It could end tomorrow.


2 responses to “When have I used up all my days

  1. Those are quite some blows there.

    I’m sorry for the loss of your father, it must be difficult no matter that you could see it coming.
    I’m sorry for the sudden loss of your friend too. Reminders of how suddenly things can be over are always a bit of a shock.

    The job, not easy either. Doing job interviews can be very hard. I hope you find something new soon.

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