Looking in the mirror does not tell the truth like a camera does

I’m just so ugly. I just realized it once again. I have been avoiding having my picture taken for a long time, but now someone else had the camera and managed to capture me.

I could live quite happily if there were no mirrors or cameras. Then I could not see myself. But now I have seen some pictures taken of me and I look awful.

So why am I still wondering why no man wants me? Why is it so easy to fool yourself into believing that you actually look OK?

I just have to keep some of these photos just to remind me of why I am alone. There is no man on earth who would be with someone that looks like me.


2 responses to “Looking in the mirror does not tell the truth like a camera does

  1. I’m sorry you feel this way. Justified or not.

    Did you share a picture of yourself on here once? I can’t remember. If you where *that* repulsive, wouldn’t I remember? I think so.

    Not all beautiful women have a partner. Not all plain-looking women are alone.

  2. I do not think I have shared a photo here, then again I can not remember everything so I can not be too sure. At least there is not one here now!

    But the solution is not to let anyone take your picture. Then you can think that you look gorgeous and forget about it 🙂

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