Moving on

Just a quick post from me today to tell you that I’m still alive. I’m sorry to disappear like that once again, but I did not feel like writing. Actually I’m still not sure what I want to write. We’ll see where this ends up, as I have no idea what will come out.

Well, I actually have moved. And that was much less painful than I had thought that it would be. Or actually I’m still moving, as some of my stuff is still in the old place. There are still things to be sorted out but I’m rather sure things will get sorted out eventually.

But just don’t ask me how I feel about all this. Because I just can’t tell you. It’s nice to be at your own home without fear. So it is a relief. But I can’t say that I’m really happy. Or sad. Or angry. Or even really relieved. I’m not really bothered by this fact either. I do not care that I do not have feelings. Actually it’s a really good place to be, not really feeling anything. It sure as hell beats feeling bad all the time.

So I’m not really sure when I’ll write again. Right now I kinda feel that this blog has served its purpose and I do not have much to write anymore. Then again I usually write a lot when things are not going too well and I’m quite sure there will be bad times, hopefully not too soon but sometime in the (hopefully) distant future.


2 responses to “Moving on

  1. I’m glad things are good and calm. I suspect you’re going to need lots of time to recover and grow back into yourself, and that’s a good – if hard – thing to do.

    As for this space, well, I certainly hope you’ll check in from time to time, but if you don’t, I feel happy knowing that you’re literally physically in a better space. I hope DS is taking things well and that things are good between the two of you, too.

    Take care!

  2. You’ve made the move! What a relief that it went better than expected.

    It sounds like you’re saying goodbye, for now at least. That’s ok, blogs are like that. In any case, fare well.

    Best of luck with this start of a new life!

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