Go Elias!

Wheee, Elias made it to the final!! Now it does not matter if he wins or loses it, actually it might be even better if he loses. Because it has been the better place for the future for so many artists in this kind of competitions.

But now for my worries. I actually bought a few songs he has sung in the competition that have been made in a real studio.  And they have completely dropped the ball there. It does not sound at all like him. Actually it sucks really, really bad. It’s just not the same. Here, let me demonstrate to you. This is what he sounds like live in the TV (contains also the judges’ comments in Finnish ar the end). This is how the same song sounds after the studio people have had they hands on it. Not the same. Something is badly missing. So all I can do is hope that they are just trying to make a quick buck and not even trying to make it sound good and that the real CD is going to sound a lot better. I wish…

But the fact remains that if the album sounds like that, I can not listen to it. My hairs do not stand up like it does when I listen to the live one. Something has gone terribly wrong here. I can barely recognize that it is the same person, but just barely. Everything that makes his voice so special is gone in the recording. I’m so, so, so disappointed.

But then I was surfing along and came across this clip: http://www.soffa.tv/gusto/mascot_1.html#/gusto__mascot_1.mp4 that just…  Why do they make him sing sappy ballads in the competition when he can rock like this? It looks like my fears are coming true and the record company is going to screw it all up and he will never become the star he is.


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