All by myself

I want to concentrate on something completely different for a change. As most of you don’t know, the first Finnish X Factor is closing to its end, only three competitors left. I’ve had one favourite from the beginning and have actually voted for him almost every time. Here the voting is not free, it costs around one euro per vote so no dialling my fingers off for him.

I tried to find a video of his performance from youtube, but it seems that there really are none. Or I did manage to find something, but the quality is really crappy. I’ll try to link to his video on the TV company’s site but I’m not sure how it works for you and I’m quite sure I can not post it to my blog as I can with youtube videos. So clicking this link will take you to his page. You can click on the songs to see them, let me know if it’s hard because the site is in Finnish.

But there is something in this Elias. I somehow get a bit the same feeling from him as I did get from Clay when I first discovered him. It’s not quite as bad, but I do think he is going to get far if the record company does not mess up things badly as they sometimes do. If they give him at least halfway decent songs to sing and push them in the radio he is going to be a huge success.


2 responses to “All by myself

  1. A funny thing happened today. I just realized that DS looks a lot like Elias. I’m still wondering what that means, but they do look similar

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