Just three more weeks. It’s not much. Then I’m getting my freedom. Or at least then I’m starting the long road to it. So I’m still going. And now I’m afraid. Afraid of all that can go wrong with it. Maybe the soon-to-be-ex flips so badly that I can get none of my stuff with me and have to start from scratch. Maybe DS flips and decides to stay here. Maybe I lose my job and cannot manage my mortgage payments. And so on. I just have to trust that things have a magical way of arranging themselves.

Tomorrow we go on a mini cruise. Meaning we spend 23 hours on a ship. I really should not put all that money into this, but I need a break from all this. It will be a long time before I can afford anything like this again. So I really want to go. And we will.


One response to “Cruising

  1. Can you get the most important paperwork out of the house beforehand? Passport, birth certificate, …

    I can imagine all kind of scenarios are churning in your head. Keep breathing, one foot in front of the other. You’ll get through this.

    Enjoy your little getaway on the cruise.

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