100 years

Today was an interesting day. In lots of ways. My dad had his 100 year party. Yes, my dad is that old. My mom is 80, so they have a big age difference.

I had promised to make the cake. Or cakes, as I had to make enough for 60 people. That meant three cakes, as one of them had to be gluten free. I surfed the net and read that 18 eggs should be enough for 60 people.

But the recipe I had asked a colleague to give me had only instructions for 6 or 8 egg cake. Sure, I can half the 8 egg cake but if I have never done that before how big is the risk that it goes bad? And I wanted to make three layer cakes, so if I am making them in a pan and every recipe is for 4 eggs – so how badly do I screw that up if I just use three eggs…

So in the end there were two 12 egg big cakes and one 6 egg gluten free cake. I thought that was plenty. I had never baked for that many people. I used 30 eggs, and 18 was enough. But not much was left, so it must have been good.

And while at the party I saw a two month old baby. And all I could think was how cute and adorable he was. I did not want to snap him from him mother’s arms, I did not feel jealous. Does that mean I’m totally cured? At least it feels like I am.

And it felt bad to play the happy family. I can just not put up a happy face and pretend all is well. But it seems I can hide that I could actually care less. But it is so, so hard to appear in situations like this and act like all is well when it is just the opposite.


3 responses to “100 years

  1. Wow, a hundred years. Does it run in the family you think?

    Putting on a happy face for family and friends is hard work. But the end is in sight, right?

  2. Happy birthday to your dad! My grandmother is 102 and still going strong. I think the cold weather (like you have there and she has where she lives) keeps people younger.

    You put on the happy face, which wasn’t a lie – really. You have resolved to change the situation and that SHOULD make you happy. Just because everyone else doesn’t know why is their problem 🙂

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