The writing month

Sorry to disappear like that again.

I can tell you that I’m not any thinner. That diet was awful! I was so hungry all the time. Just horrible. In the end I got really sick. I’m not sure if it was the diet or a virus or something, but I was so sick.

Now I’m trying to write a book. November, you see. It has proven to be much more difficult than I expected. So I’m not really hoping to finnish it in time, the whole 50k words.

But I’m still alive and well. No swine flu in the family yet.

Emotionally I have been quite ok, too. It is actually nice when you do not have any big emotions. So everything has been going on just as it always has. And it’s good. Nothing to fret about, nothing to feel sad about. Nothing to feel glad or happy about either. But I do not really care, this is just fine with me.

Having said that I’m quite sure something looms in the horizon. I just can’t see it yet. I do not want anything to rock the boat but something always will. I have no idea what it will be this time, but for some strange reason something always happens, something bad. Story of my life!


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