I wonder if this one is the one that works

It seems that writing it out has helped. Or then enough time has passed. Or it is just time to move on. I do not know why, but now it feels like I’m ready to forget. So I’m closing this chapter of my life for good.

So, what next? I’m planning on starting a new diet on Sunday. I know I have tried to make my goal of weight loss public here at least once before, but that did not work out too well. We’ll see about this one. I have my reservations, as I’m not a very good dieter. I tend to slip a lot and in the end I rarely manage to actually lose any weight. So wish me luck!

The reason I really want to lose at least some weight is my back. It has been hurting for a long time now and it seems to be getting worse rather than better. I have been putting of going to a doctor with it. You just hear too many stories about doctors not taking any complaints on your back seriously and I’m afraid that the only “help” I’m going to get is just some assvice on losing weight… So I really want to lose some kilograms before I even go to see one.

Why is this then so important right now? There is a work “recreational” (compulsory) trip looming in late September. I’ve just recently received the agenda for those few days and it seems that there is a hiking trip planned and it’s very likely that it’s not just something that is optional. I’m afraid that we are expected to walk in the woods for three hours. And I’m just as sure of my back not making it possible for me to be on my feet for three hours in a row. So I really need to go see a doctor so I can prove that I’m not just trying to play hookie. Which fails if the doctor’s visit goes as I’m afraid it will because of me being overweight. I know, I know it’s a bit late for that. I may have to go to the doc anyway.

Oh well, knowing my luck this is all going to fail anyway. Why do I even bother to try?


One response to “I wonder if this one is the one that works

  1. Good luck with the new diet. I understand you wanting to keep your expectations realistic, diets are difficult.
    It doesn’t matter if you slip, as long as you start back up again.

    Late September is rather soon, I hope the trip goes better than you expect it to.

    By the way, your Kiva banner got me to join a while back. Did I tell you that already? I’m relending for the third time.

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