Is it tomorrow yet?

So the summer is over for this year. It was not an exceptionally good one, but I managed to get through it. I know I have said in the past that if I forget to write here everything is being manageable, but this time it is not exactly true.

This time I am just tired. Tired of everything. Tired of being trapped in this dead end “relationship” or what you should call it. Tired of having feelings for someone who could not care less. Tired of my messy house. Tired of just surviving from one day to another.

I just wish that something would happen. Something that would be fun. Sure, we did visit an amusement park during the summer and on that day I did not have time to think about sad things too much. But there was nothing during this summer that I would think back as being really fun. At least last year there was the Judas Priest concert that really was something else.

What I’d really want right now is a girlfriend that would go to a bar with me sometimes. I’d love to sit in a bar once in a while but I just end up feeling stupid if I go there alone. I’d also love to go see bands more often, hear live music. But the only bar in town that used to have regular concerts was closed last year. And I’m not desperate enough to be driving myself someplace further away just to see the bad, having a few beers to go with it is at least half the fun.

But there is very little I can do about it myself. If I do not have friends to go pub crawling with it’s not easy to come up with one. If the bars in my town are not willing to play live music I can not just walk in there and tell them to start it right now. So I’m just being tired.


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