Can I get a life replacement?

It looks like spring is finally here. The sun is shining, the snow is melting and Easter is just around the corner. And my life seems to be in a standstill situation, once again.

I know that I really need to find joy in life. It’s just so very hard. I just seem to drift from one day to another without any purpose. Ok, let’s correct the first sentence: I need to find purpose in my life. Everything seems so meaningless. What is the point of getting though yet another day?

Instead of solving the problem I spend considerable amount of time trying to forget. I’m happiest when I manage to forget what a mess my life (and my house in the matter of fact) is. So that means I’m quite happy for about two hours a week when I go riding. This week was especially good, I really felt that I have learned something in the two years I have been going there. Yeah! And, now that I have said that, most likely next week is a total disaster.

The other thing that keeps my mind off my miserable life is WoW. I have to admit that I’m completely addicted to it. But it helps me to forget. That is why I do it, at the expense of the house deteriorating around me. There is a show in TV where they clean up really messy and dirty houses. I watched it a bit yesterday and thought that at least our house is in a bit better shape. Not much, but a bit.

Well, time to go. I still need to get groceries and feed the family. I can get through the basics, it’s just all the other stuff that is not getting done…


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