How do you kick yourself?

Damn it. Sometimes I am glad I have the internet, sometimes I curse the internet. Sometimes I can only blame myself for being stupid. I’m not yet sure if I have to blame myself for being cheap or the internet for being too informative.

As I said I’m going someplace warm with DS on about a week. I have now googled about the hotel we will be staying in. You may ask me why I did not google before I reserved the trip – well, I told you I was stupid. And the place might be a dump. Or maybe not really a dump, but I should have paid a little more to get an apartment higher from the ground. Now I do not know what we will get.

What did google say then? That there might be cockroaches. Even lots of them. If we are unfortunate enough to get a room on the ground level. And that the rooms are in less than good condition. Now I’m not so sure I want to go anymore…

I’ve never seen a cockroach. I do not even know much about them. It just does not feel like a nice vacation if I have to spend my time killing them from the room. Why did I save a few euros on that? Yes, call me stupid. Higher is better, but I did not know that then. A little time in google would have revealed that…


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