Sorry, did not mean to dissapear on you again. But there is not much to write about these days! But here is a short replay:

– My parents are really getting old. I’m worried about them and how they manage

– DS’s birthday was last Saturday. Party went well all things considered (no blood or broken bones). Glad I do not have do this more than once a year!

– I’m getting old. It’s not long until I will be 40. Damn, that is old. I’m going to go to a warm place for a week to mourn that. Not on my actual birthday, but about a month earlier because of DS’s school holidays

– My car got through inspection so I can drive it for another year. This was my very first time taking it there on my own. I was under the impression that it is really, really hard thing to do. It was not. Yay for me!


One response to “Randomness

  1. You have an eight year old son now, right? A big boy!
    Good to hear the party was fun.

    Old is a relative notion these days. But 40 is a milestone. Celebrating under the sun is a fabulous idea.

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