Anatomically correct

I really do need a search function for this site… Once again I’m going to talk about something that I may have talked about before, but I’m way too lazy to go through all my posts to find out. So I’m going to write about this. But I have to warn you that this is a controversial issue. If you feel that you are offended by what I am going to post, please stop reading.

Most of you know I live in Finland. But I’m going to state it here anyway, as I’m not really sure what kind of Google hits this one post is going to generate to this site. So this is not the US I’m living in. Things are different around here.

So what gave me the idea to this post? Well, I’m going to this one board where someone posted this video (warning, contains cute kids and a naked baby doll):

So the discussion started on whether or not is this a suitable toy for a six year old girl. Because, oh my god, you can see his (toy) penis and it rises a bit up when he pees. Well, I for one have had a baby boy. And I have been peed on. And that is exactly what happens then. So if you are fast, you can close the diaper when you see that the penis is rising and avoid the shower. I’m quite sure all moms who have had boys know this. Oh, I googled a bit and came across this. Do you think they would be selling these things if I just lied?

“But… But… That penis seems to be getting a hard-on!” Yeah, Einstein, so it is. Did you think that this functionality just suddenly appears when the boy reaches puberty? Umm, no. The functionality is there from the beginning. I kinda wish that someone had told me this before I had my son. It did freak me out a bit the first time I saw it. But it makes sense, all the parts have to be there so most likely it will react to things. It’s just that a baby boy does not link it to sexuality at that age. I think that is the thing that changes in puberty. Then again I’m not a man, so I do not know for sure when it changes. But I think I can fairly certain that when a baby boy pees he is not looking at the baby girl on the next changing table…

So excuse me if I can not feel offended by this little doll. To me it just seems that the makers have wanted it to be like a real baby. Because that’s what they do. Welcome to the real world!

There will be another post coming from the same discussion thread, as someone there said that it is not disgusting that it rises but the fact that he evidently is not circumcised… If you think this post was bad then you most likely should not read that one either!


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