Fat girl dancing

Today I was reading a blog that is somewhat infamous here in Finland. I may have written about it before, and I’m still not totally sure if it is real or not. But anyway it is great entertainment so I have been reading it as such. It is a blog about a bet where a man is trying to get laid with 100 different women within one year. It is really not much about sex; it really focuses on how this man finds the women and persuades them into having sex with him. The act itself is usually not described.

This time the blog talked about how he had managed to get laid with a fat woman. And that being fat is a disadvantage when in bed. But that in the other hand being fat meant that the person is more likely to indulge in physical pleasures and could be persuaded to have sex with reasonable effort. The reasoning being that having sex with strangers is fun but frowned upon so you should look for partners among those who smoke, drink, eat greasy foods, gamble etc.

In my mind I have always thought that being fat was a major put off. Now it suddenly seems that might even be a good thing. Well, if you are looking for one night stands at least. And I know I’m not exactly thin. So there just might be hope for me. I have not managed to shed this weight at all, and it is really getting to me. I just like food too much!

Maybe I could think that not being too thin might actually up my chances. I have been off the market for such a long time that I do not know if I could still attract men. I’ve always thought that the only thing that could attract anyone would be my boobs. Tits. Breasts. That are big. For some reason (some) men seem to start drooling uncontrollably when they see big tits. And there really is no way you can say mine are small.

Then the man in the blog wrote about another one, in a bar where they play music and people dance. And he said that it is a wonder how humans have survived before someone invented rhythm music. The beating of the bass has the same rhythm as having sex and so do the moving asses. And that if a woman enjoys dancing it should mean she wants to have sex. But that it is had to make a difference between a woman who dances just for fun and a woman who is not satisfied if the last dance is not in the bedroom.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been dancing. I like to dance, but I have always felt that I can not because I must look funny when I do. I remember way back when I went to this one place quite often. Most of the girls danced so that they just moved one foot close to the other and then the same to the other side. I do not feel that is really dancing. I always want to dance with more movement. So even this flaw in me could actually be a good thing. Go figure.


One response to “Fat girl dancing

  1. Does he do a comparative test of condoms? I sure hope so.

    I hope the woman didn’t realize she was being targeted because she was fat. :-/

    It’s been too long since I went out and danced too. I can’t remember when the last time was!

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