The other story

So, I promised you a second story in the last post. I highly recommend you read that one first so that this one will make more sense! I can not remember if I told this one before, but if I did it was most likely a really long time ago.

This story starts a few years back. This was the time before DS, before all the IF stuff. I was already living with my then-boyfriend-now-soon-to-be-ex. I do not really know how he knew this boy and his girlfriend, but somehow he did. He had been the designated driver for us sometimes when we went somewhere to drink. They were both several years younger than me.

That night they were at our place, getting drunk. Back then I used to smoke a cigarette or two when drunk. So at some point I went out for a smoke. Then this boy and his girlfriend come out. I forget why, but the girl urged the boy to kiss me – and he did. WTF?

OK, so that was one drunken night. It’s not that I would not have kissed anyone when drunk! I did not think much of it. But sometime a bit later we were at their place getting drunk. I was getting a drink from the fridge when suddenly this boy was grabbing me from behind. And saying things that were not completely appropriate.

At some point this boy and girl broke up. And I had DS. Then at some point it was nice to get out of the house again. So as I knew that this boy had been the designated driver before I called him to see if he could take me to the town.

He could not, but he had someone else as the designated driver and they picked me up. We went to a bar together. He started to talk weird things again and kissed me, several times. And I did not get away.

This actually happened few times. Then he freaked me out by saying that we could sometimes call each other when not drunk. Shit, I should be stricter on what can be done and what not. Luckily I still had a cell phone so I could leave his calls unanswered. Damn. Now he thinks I’m actually interested in him. Which I am completely and totally not.

The bad thing was that he was still friends with soon-to-be-ex. So he sometimes would come to our place at night and they would drink together. I usually went to bed early, not wanting to be with them.

One night I had not had much of anything to drink and went to sleep. At some point this boy had come to our place to drink with soon-to-be-ex. I woke up with a hand inside my panties. No, it was not my soon-to-be-ex. It was that boy. Saying inappropriate things again. I freaked out. This was getting way out of line.

I jumped out of the bed, grabbed something to cover me as I sleep with only my panties on. Rushed to see where the hell soon-to-be-ex was. Sure enough, he had passed out at the kitchen table, once again…

After that incident I have kept my distance to him. Not that this would discourage him: he was at our place drinking soon after I decided that this marriage is over. He was still there in the morning. All he could think to ask was that if I had a new man in mind already and then offered himself. Um, again, not even if you were the only man on the earth.

So I’ve had my bad experiences. I’m assuming it can work the other way around, too. I’m sure a man could be appalled to find out that someone he thought was just a friend wanted a lot more. So I do not want to take the first step. That could end up destroying the friendship completely!

So the question is again: how can you tell? What signs should you look for to know that it’s not just me? Given the fact that these stories tell about the only two males I’ve previously been out with (meaning just the two of us) that have not been my boyfriend, how likely is it that the next one will be interested in me, too?

I know. Nobody has the answers to these questions. It still does not keep me from asking them. Maybe I will find the answer one day, maybe not. But I can not take my chances. Not when I know how badly things can end up.


One response to “The other story

  1. You have had some bad experiences! Did this one just loose all sense of what was acceptable behavior due to drink? That’s nasty.

    And no, I have no answer for you.

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