I'm glad the spotlight is not on me

It is hard enough to go through IF when everyone is not looking at you. But I can only imagine how it would be if everything you do ends up in the yellow newspapers.

I’m not going to say the names, because I do not want the Google hits that would mean. But here’s the story anyway. About a man, a woman and IF in the spotlight.

In Finland we have 200 representatives of the people, who have been elected to that job for four years at a time. It’s usually the ministers and other high profile representatives who draw most attention. But the male of this couple was dancing with the stars this spring, which inevitably brought him to the spotlight. In fact he was the worst dancer of them all, which for some reason seemed to amuse people so much that he actually stayed in the competition far too long.

This then turned the light to his fiancée. Who also happens to be a representative. People were interested, and she was willing to talk to the press. So she told that they are IF. Which is always good, educating the people what IF is all about. Giving a face to it. I’m really glad she did it.

So now the poor woman has been in the headlines. In the summer several of the political parties have their annual big meetings. So did the party this lady belongs to, too. And I think we can all relate that sometimes the IF treatment schedule does not go well with real life.

Last week we got to read from the yellow newspapers that she had been trying to give a speech in the meeting but got confused more than once. Then the next day it could be read that she had had a minor medical procedure that did not go too well. That she was feeling a bit dizzy at that time and blacked out. Today the newspaper knew that she is on sick leave for about two weeks and yes, it has to so with the procedure she is not willing to name more precisely.

It is not really that hard to put the rest of the picture together when given this information. The medical (or sometimes even said to be surgical) procedure can not really be anything other than IVF. And that there are several things that can go wrong. Not too many eggs, too many eggs, poor fertilization, no fertilization, fragmented embies… feel free to add to the list.

And the dizziness can be easily explained, too. I’m assuming they are still using Lugesteron as the pill to take. And I can remember all too well how nasty it was to take. If you took it vaginally you had to lie down for a while. And that really is no option in the middle of the day if you are in a meeting. So you have to take it orally. And the dizziness was absolutely horrible. And it was not even a good kind of dizziness like you get from the good drugs in retrieval.

So today’s news just click into the picture all too well. I’ve been there too many times. Sick leave about a week after retrieval? Hyperstim. Definitely hyperstim. It can not really be anything else. And in the news they were a bit vague on how long the sick leave would go on. I’m hoping it will go on longer. No, I’m not a bad person wishing someone sick. You should all know by now that hyperstim is actually a good sign. A very good sign. My hyperstim is now seven, almost eight years old.

But I do feel sorry for them for having to go through this in public. I can understand why they are reluctant to tell the details. Then they would have to answer the questions about the pee stick – I’m assuming that’s all they are still getting over here. But I wish them luck. And a healthy baby in February!


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