Riding the storm with concrete

Again it is time for the annual cheesefest, otherwise known as the Eurovision song contest. And this year Finland actually did make it to the finals. Yeah! This is only the second time this has happened since the introduction of semifinals. And at least I can clearly remember what happened the last time we made it to the finals: WE WON!!!

So this year the Finnish people voted Teräsbetoni into the competition. Well, at least they are different from the rest of the bunch. I’m thinking they are the first Finnish entry sung in Finnish after it became possible to sing in English, too. And in Eurovision (well, at least after the televoting began, not so much when there was a jury voting) that is usually a good thing. Except it wasn’t for Ireland who did not make it to the finals – and nobody can say they were not different…

I’ve heard that there is a rumor going around that Finland actually won the semifinal it was in. Of course these are just rumors at this point; the official results will only be announced after the final. But it has been kind of fun to watch the odds dropping in the betting sites. Not that I’m betting and not that they haven’t guessed wrong in the previous years, but still it is fun to watch. Hey, any position in the top 10 would be a big win! Getting into the finals was a win in itself.

So I’m going to be watching on Saturday night. But before that I want to show you the song we are competing with this year. But I do have to warn you, this is not your usual Eurovision material. I heard that this video was made before it was known that this song is going to be representing us in the competition. It was made with a completely different audience in mind, so it’s a bit daring. But I think it’s fun!


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