Facing the book

I recently registered to facebook. And it just made me even more aware of my lack of friends. Sure, it would be unrealistic to assume that I can find all the people I’ve ever known there. But for now my grand total is six friends. And I’m not sure when or if I’ll get any more.

And what pisses me off about the whole thing is that just about every application there requires you to play it with your friends. Hell, I only have six. And what if they do not want to use the same applications as I do? I do not even want to count how many apps have made a short visit to my profile only to be removed immediately as I find out that it’s impossible to play on your own. It really sucks.

There might still be people in there that I know. But it’s a bit hard to look for them. Even some Finnish names are common, so there can be several people with the name. And if it has been years and years since you last saw them, it’s often really hard to tell from the picture if it’s the person I know or not. Worse yet, not all people even have a profile photo. I’m not someone who would send messages to everyone with a familiar name and ask if he/she is the one I knew years back.

And even worse, you may not even remember enough to even look for someone. I have been thinking about one relative recently and it would be so neat to know where she is today. But I only remember her first name, I’ve completely forgotten what her surname was. And the first name just has to be the one that’s really, really common: Jennifer. So how can one find someone if all you have is her first name and the fact that she has relatives here in Finland? I’ve seen her once as she was actually visiting Finland sometime in the middle 1980’s – I could dig up the year somewhere. She was here with her grandmother and great-grandmother.

It’s funny how you do lose contact with people over the years. Too bad that the lost connections are not replaced with new ones…


2 responses to “Facing the book

  1. Hey I’ll be your friend on Facebook! I’m still getting the hang of it. I use my real name there so send me an email or let me know how to find you. I’ll even send you good karma. I want to start on scrabulous but haven’t done that yet.

    I wish that Facebook had been around a lot longer. There’s a lot of people I’ve lost touch with that I wish I cold find again.

  2. You’re right. Another thing is that not everyone uses the same system. I just registered to Netlog, a European competitor of facebook.
    Within 30 someone offered to be my friend. 🙂 I only started the account to test it, I don’t have time for it really.

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