You just sit there and let the horse do all the work

So it has been a year. A year of what? A year of riding lessons. Yes, I’m still going there. I just do not write about it that much. Do I now feel that I’m a better rider than I was a year ago? No. Not at all. I feel like not a damn thing has happened. I’m still as useless as I was back then.

Yesterday was, once again, the day for my lesson. I got the horse that I often get (and others seem to be really glad that it’s me who’s getting him). And believe me, he can be a real pain in the ass (excuse the bad pun). Usually the lesson goes real well up until the part where we start to gallop (or the proper word might be canter, I’m not really sure which is the right one) (I seem to be writing a lot in parenthesis this time!). Even that usually goes well if there are no tricks, just go there and canter from the corner. Things get really messed up when the teacher wants to do something different.

Like yesterday. You were supposed to ride to the corner, then ride a big circle and halfway through start to gallop. Oh no, this way waaaay too much for this boy. He had hear the word gallop and was ready to go!!! Like now!!! What are these stupid things you are making me do????? Let’s go already!!!11!! Eh. So we did it again. And again. And once again. Finally it went… well not great but thereabout.

So after one year of riding I still can’t control a horse. It did pretty much what it wanted to do. Otherwise I really like that horse, it’s not as bored with everything as some of the others there are. But it can also be really, really difficult once in that kind of mood.


2 responses to “You just sit there and let the horse do all the work

  1. One day something will click and you’ll realise you have improved, all of a sudden. It’s a bummer to be stuck on a plateau, though.


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