Spring is in the air

Sorry, I did not mean to disappear again… It’s just that not much is happening right now. It’s like time is standing still. Days just go by. Nothing gets done. Another Friday. At least the weekends are better now. Oh, I better knock on wood for that. Because I just said it out loud means that this one is most likely going to be horrible again! But let’s not go there, not today.

So what have I been doing then? Staring. And it’s really, really addictive! Really. You do not believe me? Then check this out (warning, it’s a happy event but some may find it gross). I can not stop staring. And always hoping everything goes well. But nature is cruel and things do not always go well.

If I ever get a lot of money I want one of these! I have never seen one in real life, but they sound so great. Not too tall, strong, nice to kids… I want one. If I someday happen to get really rich, that is. I’m still waiting for that big lottery win, you know. That would solve so many of my problems, but I must be the unluckiest person in the world. Nothing ever goes my way. I have to get everything the hardest way possible. So I’m not holding my breath for that happening anytime soon.

So I’m just floating from one day to another. I’m stuck and would need a huge big kick in the ass to get me moving again.


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