What does soap and plastic have in common?

Sometimes I think that life would be easier if I either had a) less brain or b) less time to think about anything besides survival. Then at other times I’m glad that I do have a brain. One of these times is the recent WinCapita incident. How can so many people be so easily fooled? My brain is clearly telling me that there is something very, very wrong here.

So I’ve spent some time reading about these so called ponzi scams. It’s not exactly the same as pyramid schemes, but in the end the result is about the same. I watched this documentary yesterday and it just made me incredibly sad. A quick googling revealed that this company has gone belly up. I’d really like to know what this couple is doing now.

I have tried to stay clear of those things. Sure, it has been impossible to avoid any contact with them. The earliest memory I have was when my dad began to sell Bestline Cleaning Products. The products itself were rather good and I really do remember how everything was so great and you only needed this little of the concentrate to make this much usable cleaner.

I can not remember why he stopped selling them, I was too little. But I’m assuming that the profits were not that great and he never managed to get anyone to work below him in the pyramid. And any quick googling can reveal that this company has been buried a long time by now.

The second one I somehow remember is Tupperware. It has some similar features, but I’m assuming it’s not quite that bad because it’s still standing. My mom did host some parties long time ago. Then I forgot about it for a long time. For some reason a lot of my friends ended up selling Tupperware. At one point there were three of them. Needless to say this ended in some interesting situations. And I failed to see anyone of them to actually make any real money out of it. As one of them said to me the reason seemed to be that you could get the plastic things cheaper for yourself when at least trying to sell some to others.

One of these friends always seemed to know what I should do better than me. I remember she once made me buy too big underwear because in her mind I was getting them too small. Not surprisingly those panties were worn maybe a few times and then buried in the closet and those bras never got used. Yeah, I should have kept my own mind but I got off easier when I did not fight it at that time.

So she was completely sure that she could talk me into being a Tupperware saleswoman, too. But I was not about to give in. No way. Not my cup of tea. No. But as you can guess by reading the previous she would not really take a simple no as an answer. There were and still are several reasons why I would not be a sales representative of anything, ever. But the message was not getting through.

Then one time I agreed to go to a meeting of theirs. The reason she gave me was that I was going to be having a party soon and she did not want to buy the available gifts for herself (one more reason never to be one of them, it’s stupid that you have to buy everything for yourself if you are planning on showing them in the parties) so I could see them there and choose. Sounded reasonable enough, so I went.

There in the lobby there was a table with things on it. They were not Tupperware and I can not really remember what was on it. It was a gift table where you could choose something from if you brought in a new salesperson. I watched two of my friends drooling over something on the table and arguing about whom of them would get it after I become a representative. No, message definitely not getting through.

Then it was time to go into this room where all the new and exciting things were presented to the ones who would be selling it. I could not really believe it. The whole thing seemed unreal. It’s hard to describe, but I almost felt physically sick. They are all really buying into this? It was so obvious. All designed to make you buy more. Buy more. Still more. At first the table was covered with something and then the one who was presenting the stuff started to take things out and the crowd made the appropriate ooooh and aaaah sounds. “And don’t tell anyone, but I have even used an electric mixer with this bowl and it’s still as good as new!”

Somebody had conveniently forgot to mention that at some point all “guests” would be called to the front. Great, what else you are not telling me about? But all three of them pushed me away to the front and I was given some really small jar. But then you had to say why you were there. Why am I here? Because that lame ass friend of mine is too cheap to buy that thing over there so she brought me here to see it for free. I can not really remember what I said, but it certainly was not something enthusiastic. And I remember how that happy happy joy joy who was running the show had to say something that seemed nice but was actually really nasty. Let me out of here. Now.

And then it ended. At the end of the show all those who were thinking of being a representative were asked to go to a separate room to discuss. I did not go. Not because the friends did everything but grabbed me and dragged me into the room but because I did not want to. I was not there for that. Why go there if you are not even going to consider it? I saw no point. So for some time I just wandered around looking at the things there.

I seem to remember that the pressure got lighter after that visit. At least none of them ever asked me to go along to their meetings. And I do not know who got the thing from the table, but it was not either of those who wanted it. All this happened a long time ago, so I can not remember all the details.

Well, this is what came out this time. Brains. I think I still like mine even if sometimes it seems like a liability to have too much.


2 responses to “What does soap and plastic have in common?

  1. I’ve never understood what attracts people to schemes like these. I mean, giving it some thought, don’t they all just sound too good to be true?

    A friend of mine and her husband tried to suck us in, and they did, a little bit My mom and I spent $150, then decided that the products (washing tablets, etc) just weren’t worth the money we were spending. Quite frankly, the cheapest stuff at the grocery store worked just as well. And that was that.

    I think the ones that get me the most are the religious ones, the ‘god wants you to make money’ ones. I think it’s terrible that people prey on the faith of other…and n 2008, too! Where is the common sense?!

  2. I love my Tupperware, but you’re right about pushy saleswomen. My grandma bought me some stuff as a wedding gift, but the saleswoman wanted to do a whole tupperware shower. Nup. Not going to happen. The product itself is great, though!


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