Do you think excessive bathing is good for the flu?

What, I’ve been quiet for two weeks again? Oh well, it seems that I will never ever be a good blogger. Then again I’ve had a flu for about two weeks now and that is not something that exactly cheers you up.

So the winter vacation is over now. We went to the mini cruise with DS and it was as fun as was expected. On the journey back from Sweden it was kind of windy so it was really interesting to be in the sauna department just when we reached open sea. At first I just thought that I had spent too much time in the jacuzzi – it can make you feel a bit light headed when getting up – but it was the sea. There were other pools in the area and I could see the water in them splashing from one side to another. DS had a great time floating around with it. Luckily neither of us gets seasick easily so it was all just fun.

Then we stayed in Turku for two nights. In the winter there is not that much to do so we went to a spa. It was kind of fun, but DS was disappointed when the water slides were too rough for him. I think it was really bad design. There was one pool where the water was just 40 cm high and all the rest were 130 cm. DH, who is seven and about 127 cm, was too big for the small pool but too small for the bigger ones on his own. It’s like they thought that kids who come there are either toddlers or at least 10 year olds… In the end we had fun there, but I’m not sure we will be going there again too soon.

So nothing really dramatic this time. Things are as boring as ever. And yet another stupid weekend is just around the corner. Blech.


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