Friendly strangers

Time to write something I guess. Once again I have no idea where this one will end, but we’ll see what comes out. Right now there are a few random thoughts in my head, we’ll see where they take me.

I know I am a real person. I know that everything I have written in this blog had actually happened to me. But I also know that there really are several fake people out there. I just found out that here in Finland there were three writers who did an experiment on blogging. Each one made a fictional character and started to blog about him(1)/her(2). All these three interacted with each other. And now they have told everyone that it was all fictional.

I just tried to read one of the blogs. I don’t know but to me it seemed so fake from the beginning. Not believable at all, far from it. I have not read the other two yet. But I have to wonder if the fact that I knew it was fake would contribute to me thinking it is a fake. The writer of the blog I read did not reveal who she was (assuming a she, because the blog person was 20 year old female). The other two did.

No surprise there, because frankly the writing sucked so bad. I mean come on, if you found a wallet just lying somewhere would you just take it home with you and send a postcard to whomever owned the wallet?? And then after he calls you about it refuse to give it to him for another week… Nobody does that. Nobody.

Maybe the two other blogs would be better. I’m not sure if I’m going to bother. Maybe just a little to see if it’s worth my time. I only read blogs I find interesting and well written. For example there is this one Finnish blog that many people have thought to be fake, and it very well may be just that, but it is just too well written. I read it anyway even though I doubt it’s authenticity. It’s a blog about a man who has bet 10 000 euros with his friend that he can get laid with 100 women in one year. Yeah, as you can see it’s easy to doubt if it’s real or not. But it is good entertainment.

I would not be hurt if it turned out to be fiction rather than what really happened. However, there are several blogs/people I’ve “met” in the internet that I would be not very happy to find out that they are not real. I would feel betrayed. Getting to know someone who later is found out to be fake, just the product of someone else’s imagination. That would hurt. But the fact remains that it is really, really difficult to know if someone is real or not. Sure, many times the made up stories have really unbelievable twists and turns. But then again, if you read through all what I have written in this blog… I’m not sure if I would believe myself!

And then again, it is Valentine’s day today. As I have written earlier, this day in Finland is more about celebrating friendship rather than a day for lovers. All a clever marketing scheme, which seems to have paid off. For some reason I fail to find suitable references in the net, but I clearly remember it was the Finnish post office that started to advertise this day here. And today the amount of cards sent is second only to Christmas. Well done! Excuse me if I really do not get too excited about this “holiday”.

And if you are really bored and want to train those brain cells, go here. It is a game, well, sort of. It’s really different from lots of other games. You need to get from one level to another but it’s really not that easy. But if you do decide to try to get through, I can help up until something like level 75.


4 responses to “Friendly strangers

  1. Second only to Christmas? Wow. That’s kind of cool, though, at the same time. I’m not a good romantic (I’m one of those sick people who find romance only romantic when there’s a lot of pain and suffering involved) and think the majority of Valentines is commercial nonsense. Besides, I’m more than happy to get chocolate or flowers at any time!!

    Are your weekends getting any better as time goes by?

  2. I’m real – even if I’ve been a lazy blogger lately. We had the new baby nearly 3 weeks ago, so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I don’t function well without enough sleep, so it’s probably been a good thing that I haven’t written anything.

    We had a case here in the US recently where a teenage girl committed suicide as a result of a fake person she met online. It’s a sad reminder that there are evil and dishonest people out there.

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