Written in the stars

Oops, there goes my promise to update this blog more often. It’s been a week again. Well then, what shall we talk about now? Maybe the topic of the day could be that I’m a blue-eyed fool that can so easily be misled.

Somehow when things go bad I tend to look for something, anything that explains what is happening. That this shit is some kind of karma, something that cannot be avoided. That I’m meant to be going this way for one reason or another.

My drug of choice seems to be astrology. Hey, I already told you this is not going to be anything rational, didn’t I. So I caved in and ordered an interpretation on my chart. I have no idea if anyone of you has any experience on this, but just for the heck of it this is what it looks like:


Then I get several pages of text telling me how I am according to this picture shown above. I’ve read it a couple of times and this is what I remember from it:

– It seems that having a good relationship with any man is just about impossible. I’m so afraid of being left alone that I try to tie him very closely to me and try to please him any way possible. And when I manage to tie him to me and inevitably fail in pleasing him I get bored and frustrated and want my freedom back. Um, yeah, thanks. If you have been reading things here lately I doubt anyone can disagree with this one.

– I tend to please others to the extreme. I always think too much on what others will think about every little thing I do. I put other people’s needs and wants before mine. I would want to be thanked for my efforts and get mad at them for being so ungrateful. I should just do what I want and tell others what I think.

– I can not stand Taurus types who are not willing to bulge. I do not deal well with people who can not make up their mind.

Maybe it is complete bogus. Maybe there is something to it, but my rational mind really refuses to just believe in it. I’m really, really bad in “just believing”. I always need proof.

So I paid (luckily not that much) money to be told things I really already knew. I got my report from some kind of a database bot that picked the passages that fit my chart. No, I do not think any living person even looked at it, because the delivery was instant. I clicked to order it and the next second I could start reading it. Whee, this report was generated especially for me by this lovely computer software!


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