Logic? Not in this post

Damn, these weeks just seem to fly by. It’s time to get all anxious over the weekend again! What will it be this time? The suspense is building up. How drunk is he going to get this time? What nasty things is he going to say to me this time? Come on, guess now! The one who comes closest gets… uh oh… I don’t know… lots of fame? Dirty links? Pat on the back?

I just try to lay low and hope it doesn’t get too bad. Not much more I can do right now. Unless someone can figure out how to make 150 000 euros so I can buy that one house that is for sale near here. I do take part in the lottery, but it’s such a long shot. So I’m keeping my eye on any places for rent.

Luckily I get to go riding once a week. It’s something that takes your mind completely off things. You can not worry about other things when you are responsible for making that horse go the way you want it to go. You have to concentrate on it. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but that’s not really the reason I go there. I go there to forget about the mess I’m living in if just for one hour.

This week I heard that one of my faves is going to be sold. I sure hope they are going to buy new horses, as I’m not very tall and I can not really ride the big ones there. And this one was just the right size for me. Damn, I’m running out of suitable horses. The one I had this week is really not a favourite of mine. He’s so very, very lazy. But I’m assuming I will be riding him a lot unless they buy more horses!


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