Oh no, it's Friday again

It’s weekend again. Friday used to be something I waited for, something fun. Weekend used to be fun. Now it’s not fun anymore. Right now I’m wishing tomorrow was Monday instead of Saturday.

Why has this happened? Well, the weeks usually go by without any major incidents. But on Friday or if not Friday then Saturday DH always gets drunk. Often on both nights. And then he usually get really, really annoying.

Did I tell you what he did last Friday? Well, he was drunk as usual. I had also had few beers, but I was not really that drunk. I usually sit in the kitchen while he sits in the living room. This time he came to sit in the kitchen and talked about things I could not care less about, but said a few words here and there. At the same time I was in IRC.

At some point I noticed that my internet connection was gone. Somewhat later I found that he had taken the power cord of my modem off the socket. I was annoyed and put it back. Then he came and took it out again. I flipped. How ridiculous can this get?

So I’m afraid. Something bad is going to happen again, I just know it. Nothing physical, but something emotional. I need to get out of this!


3 responses to “Oh no, it's Friday again

  1. I am not sure how I found your blog (as I read waaayyy too many:) but I briefly hopped around and read some of your posts and I felt like I had to leave a comment. I was a child much like your DS with a mom who worried about me and a dad who drank. It was the hardest thing ever for my mom to decide to divorce but I am so glad she did. In taking me away from the hostile environment, I was able to have some sort of peace in my childhood. I had to change schools also and in looking back it was fine….I was able to “start fresh” so to speak…the world didn’t crumble and I felt safe. So there is my two cents. Sometimes the right things to do aren’t easy but they are necessary.

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