Is it Thursday already?

Since nobody disagreed with me I’m going to assume that I was right in my deduction: men can not fall in love. Or at least not the same way women do. But very often it seems that men are those who seem to be longing after a woman after she’s left him. For some reason it seems that it’s really, really difficult to make a man understand that what is over is over period.

But I’m not going to start looking for a new man. Because then you just end up with the completely wrong men, just as Oro said in her comment. I’d rather be alone if I can not have the man that makes my knees weak. Someone I feel connected to. Someone who just feels right from the beginning.

So there will be no posts from me on any internet dating places. I’m sure it’s great for some people, but it’s just not for me. I really, really do not think I can find a man there I’d actually like to spend time with. I do believe that you actually can get interested in a person by only reading what he has written, I used to think that was not possible but I’ve had to change my mind about it.

There is really no point to this post, sorry. I just needed to write again, as the weekend is getting close once again. I really, really hope it’s better than the last one. That was horrible, as you have read. I do not want another weekend like that. I want to go somewhere else so I do not have to stay home. Just about anywhere else. I do not want to be home this coming weekend…


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