Things like this happen elsewhere, not in Finland

What makes a young boy flip so badly that he takes a gun and shoots at his schoolmates? Why did nobody see the signs of this? They seem so obvious now, the killer posted it in several places (mostly gone now), uploaded videos to youtube (can’t find them there anymore).

But what seems even worse, there seem to be several people out there that seem to think what he did was right and good. It makes me feel sick. This can not be happening, not here. It always happens somewhere else. This is Finland, things like this do not happen here.

But then again the stereotypical Finnish male does not talk or kiss. Things get stuffed inside your head until it explodes. And that’s not a good thing. Too many times it ends up so that the man kills himself. Sometimes the outcome is more tragic and he takes others with him: his (ex)wife and/or his kids.

I’m not feeling so good anymore. And I’m not so sure why. This is all a bit too much at once. And to top it off, my dad is in the hospital again. Everything seems to be happening at once. But I will survive. I’ve survived worse than this.


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