Do you have anything that helps with moral hangover?

I really should have remembered the title of my last post. Somehow it’s just so easy to forget that you are communicating with real people when you are typing away. Listen to me, alcohol and irc do not mix. I’ve never felt this stupid in my whole life.

Sorry, I’m really not going to tell you what I did, but believe me that it was incredibly stupid of me. I would not be surprised if the people I was chatting with last night never ever want to talk to me again. Wel, one one of them actually did talk to me today, so not all is lost. But I’m actually more worried about another one – the one I told things I never should have. It’s not that I did not mean what I said, but some things really should be kept to myself.

Actually you can find most of the things I’ve said in this blog if you care to look. But you should know by now that I do pour all my feelings here. Still I’m so embarrased, why did I not keep my fingers shut last night. I’m such an idiot. Just shoot me now.


2 responses to “Do you have anything that helps with moral hangover?

  1. Hmm, well, I guess the real question to ask is: do you feel guilty? Or is it more a combination of relief/embarrassment? If it’s the latter two, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. People can’t be strong and stoic all the time, and your irc friends should understand that.

    Of course, people can be utter pigs sometimes, too, but if anyone does give you flak, tell’em to go suck eggs.

  2. Oro, it was more just a case of TMI. About me. It’s not like I told someone to fuck off, I basically told that actually I need to be fucked… TMI.

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