It looks like summer is not over for me just yet…

Sorry. It seems that I just can’t get myself to write more about our trip. I’ll do it one day, but it might not be any day soon. So I just decided to write something, so this post is going to be just a collection of random thoughts.

I had my riding lesson yesterday. I wonder how long I have to keep going there before I feel like I did good. This was not one of the worse times, but it certainly was not the best one either. The horse I had is sooooo lazy. Horribly lazy. No matter what I did it did not seem to wake up at all. And for some reason I have developed a bad back. I’ve never before had trouble with my back, but now there is a stabbing pain in my lower back from time to time. Maybe it’s just my body protesting that I’m making it do something!

I’m planning a new trip. I really do love travelling, if I had the money I would travel to so many places! This time we are going with DS to a mini cruise. It lasts for about 24 hours, going from Turku to Kappelskär. I’m hoping it will be a fun trip, but that still remains to be seen. I have been planning this for some time now, today I made the reservations. But I was not so thrilled about it as I was yesterday. For some reason I began thinking about Estonia last night. I have been on cruises several times after the accident and never thought about it. But last night I remembered it again.

Then when I came to work in the morning I read a – well, maybe I’ll call it a “newspaper” in the net. It’s a kind of publication that always has sensational things with big letters on the front page and when you actually read what the article says you usually find out that things are not what they where made out to be in the front page. But anyway, I was reading it because the net version is free. First I read about a couple that got trapped inside their cabin during a cruise and could not get out for hours. And the next one I read was about a book written by a Finnish politician about his experience of tsunami. Yet another disaster involving water.

The question now is should I just keep my plans and just go to the cruise and forget I read all this or should I just give it up? I think I did already ansver my own question, I booked the trip today. This really just took the joy out of it. In a couple of days I will forget about it all, and there is no reason to believe that the trip is going to be nothing but fun!

Another thing that has been on my mind is that I’m thinking about meeting someone in real life that I have “met” in the net. I have never done that. I’m not really sure I should even do that. No, it’s not any one of you. I’m pretty sure this person does not even know this place exists. We “met” in an online game that really requires a lot of cooperation between players. Nobody can survive alone. We have talked a lot about the game, but also about other things. I really like this person in writing. But I’m not sure if we should really meet. I’m scared. I’ve never done this before.

So please tell me, have you met in real life with people you only know from internet? How was it? I know most of you are going to tell me it was totally great but I’m sure there are other kind of experiences. Has it happened to anyone that someone sounded really great in writing but was a total ass in person? Don’t worry, I’m going to meet in a public place and I’m quite sure that it is completely safe. I’m just afraid that the picture I have in my head of this person is going to be totally different than reality. Or that the first sight of (not so pretty) me is going to cause the meeting to go badly.

I seem to worry a lot these days. But I’m hoping that sharing them makes me see how silly I am. I know I am. Just tell me I am!


6 responses to “It looks like summer is not over for me just yet…

  1. Well, you asked… You’re being silly. 🙂 My husband is actually someone I met on the internet. When we decided to meet in real life, I got there early and scoped him out before I decided it was safe. He didn’t look like a serial killer and it was just a restaurant. I won’t tell you that the first meeting wasn’t awkward, but once we got over our nerves, it was just like when we were emailing back and forth – only quicker.

    Though I haven’t had a bad real-life experience, one of my friends from college sure did. Poor girl, I think she had more bad experiences than good ones. She survived, though, and I’m sure you will, too, if it happens to not go so well. And it makes for good stories 😉

  2. I’ve met people on the net – including Mr Oro! My best advice to you is to trust your gut feelings. If someone online is funny but a little crazy, trust me, they’re going to be the same way irl, but a lot more so.

  3. It’s just that with some people something just clicks. From the first contact you look forward to the next one. The feeling has never been this strong with anybody else. So my gut feeling is that this is someone I can be best friends with.

    It’s just that I do not know what he thinks. Megan, you have seen my pic. I’m not pretty. Far from pretty. I’m afraid that this friendship will fall because of how I look.

    I feel like I suck. I seem to always cling to people that already have lots of friends. I do not make friends easily, it takes a lot of time… And I feel attracted to people who have tons of friend. So I suck. I’m socially not the one everyone wants to connect with. I’m the one who clings to anyone.

  4. I guess it’s kind of hard not to think about the Estonia, when you’re planning a trip across the Baltic. Then again, have you tried driving on a busy highway anywhere lately? I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself on the trip.

    I’m shy about meeting people from the net too. I’ve met exactly one blogger and that was great though. 🙂
    If you have trouble making friends, all the more reason to take this opportunity. If you don’t try you gain nothing, if you try and it doesn’t work out, you also gain nothing. If you try and it does work out, you gain a friend – or if that is too big a leap, a friendly acquaintance.

  5. Yes, I have seen your photo and I didn’t think even one of those things. If you have a great connection with this person, then it really shouldn’t matter. I know that sounds easier said than done and isn’t really reality, but it is a truth. And another thing, how do you know that this guy is himself great looking? He could have three eyes and teeth growing out of his forehead. Would that change your opinion of him?

    Here’s my suggestion: go meet him. Before you go, book yourself an afternoon at a salon or spa and do something nice for yourself that will have the added benefit of making you feel better about yourself. I know a new haircut or relaxing afternoon can really do wonders for how I feel about myself – even if it’s just a trim and no one else can tell. Just my suggestion…

  6. after my divorce and i felt i was ready to start dating, it seemed that no one had anyone to fix me up with. so, i used the internet dating services. i met a ton of really repulsive and well as really interesting people. i ended up meeting my new husband through the internet. we’ve been married over 5 years now. i had two kids with my ex, he had two with his ex (who we have full time custody of) and we had one together. the internet is a wonderful tool only, you have to be very careful how you use it…there are a lot of sick people out there and the internet makes them that much closer!

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