Time flies

So the vacation is over. And just as I expected, there was very little I managed to write here during that time. But I’m back now.

The vacation was OK. I was totally wiped out when I got back, but all in all it went rather well. First we went to see DS’s godparents in southern Finland and from there we went to Linnanmäki again. It was a nice day, although DS was always wanting to go somewhere else than the rest of the group. So it was me who went after him. Oh well, that’s how it was this year. Next year, if we go again, I’m going to insist that we all stay together. It’s much more fun that way.

And this was the first year that DS could get the “adult” ticket. Which actually just means that you are over 120 cm tall. But it was hard to get him to try new rides. I guess he is a lot like me! But I dragged him to Rinkeli, which I’m not so sure I like myself, and he was clearly not enjoying it. But later he named it as one of his favorites. Then I dragged him Pikajuna which is a bit on the scary side but in the end really enjoyable. He was whining all the way to it and after it left he told me that he does not really like it. I told him that it will only make a second round and it will be over. I was wrong. It made a third round. I felt like a bad mom, dragging my kid to a ride I knew could be too much for him. But remember when I told you that we often went separate ways with the others? At one point I called them to see where they were, and they were waiting to get on Pikajuna. As soon as DS heard that he said he wants to go again. And he did go with DH. Bad mom indeed…

But then started the new part of the trip: going to Legoland! DS had been talking about it for several years, so now I decided that this year is about as good as it gets. DS is about the right age, not too young and not too old. This was a self booked trip, not a group trip. I booked the flights and hotel online, tickets to the park, too.

I knew that DS does not really like flying. And I know why, too: his ears hurt. I know how that is, mine hurt too. It’s really not something you look forward to. I can relieve the pressure by blowing while holding my nose and keeping my mouth shut, but he does not know how to do that. And it was just my luck, getting to Billund meant that we had to endure two flights. I knew that if he just had something to drink while landing it would probably be OK, but with the new regulations you can not take anything with you anymore. They did serve a snack during the flight, but that did not last long enough. So the first landing was not a pleasant one, DS was crying as his ears hurt so much…

And the one who took our luggage at Helsinki told us that we would have to take our bags through customs ourselves. That they would not be transferred automatically as it’s usually the case if you have connecting flights. So there we were, watching everybody else get their stuff from the belt. No sign of our luggage. Finally I asked someone and she said that there is no need to do this, our luggage will go directly to the other plane. Oh great. So now we are in the area where the only way is out. Imagine the pleasure of going through security control twice… The only good thing is that I did not beep this time. It seems that it has been my glasses that set the alarm off. So now I put them through the x-ray (or whatever it is) machine and feel my way through the gate – no beep, no tapping of your parts. I know they have to do it, but it’s still no fun.

Ah. I will have to continue this story another time. Soon I have to go get DS, as it’s almost time for his riding lesson!


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