Vacation! Vacation!

Ahhh… Last day of work. Then I can just sit and relax (hah – you really think so?) for four weeks. The weather has not been that great here lately, but I sure hope it will get better soon. What’s the point of being on holiday if you have to sit inside all the time?

And the kittens are gone – well, all but one that is. And the last one is going, too. Whew. It was kind of fun, but then again it was not. When can I get that dog????

So the updates could be even fewer and far between than they have been so far. It’s not that things are bad, it’s just that I’m enjoying my holiday a lot!


3 responses to “Vacation! Vacation!

  1. Four weeks?! My goodness, how do you manage to make yourself go back after that much time off? Enjoy it!

    And good job with the kittens – maybe you’ll find some stray puppies next…

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