Kitty pics

As you requested, here are some pics:


They surely have a healthy appetite…


This is the mom-cat

Kissat laatikossa

One more!


2 responses to “Kitty pics

  1. They are so cute! Black and white cats have always been a favorite of mine and we have two orange ones right now.

    They look like they are probably right around 8 weeks old, if not older, which is the time kittens (at least here in the US) are sent to live with their new families. If you know anyone who wants a kitten, I’d tell them to come and get them!

  2. We are trying to find new homes for them. It’s just that there are plenty of kittens around here, so finding someone willing to take one is a challenge. But I’m trying. And hoping. It would surely be a pity to put them down!

    Oh, and just yesterday we found the last one. He was a lot smaller than the others, so it looks like he has not been getting enough food. Stupid mom-cat, keeping her youngster in hunger by not letting us catch him earlier.

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