Can you have kittens if you don't have a cat?

Somehow it seems that I always forget to write here when summer comes. This one does not seem to be any different.

Last weekend we had the middle of the summer celebrations here. It’s a big thing here, celebrating the nightless night. It’s really still a funny feeling to be outside in the middle of the night when it’s still bright as (a rainy) day. Really. But this time it was so cold out there that I did not stay up too late. Meaning it was only half past two in the morning when I went to bed.

This was also a different kind of Midsummer for completely another reason. Did you know that you can have kittens even if you do not have a cat? I surely did not. But that is the case with us now. We have three kittens on our yard, one we have seen but it’s still missing. We found the kittens (and their mom) in our ditch last Thursday. We managed to catch one of them the same day, but the mother managed to hide the rest so that was it for the day.

We hoped that this one would lure the others to join him/her, but that did not happen. On Saturday I saw the mom going into (yet another) ditch, so I called DH and we started going through it from opposite ends. Sure enough, another one found!

So we thought that maybe there will be even more of them there. So back to the ditch we go. Then DH shouts at me that he saw one, it’s coming towards me. I’m turning the grass away as I walk in the ditch towards him. Nothing. Damn, has this one escaped? I turn back, now looking extra careful for anything resembling a kitten. A-ha, it had buried it’s head under the dry grass at the bottom of this ditch. I manage to grab it, and it gets to join the other two.

So now we have three. The last one is nowhere to be found, we have seen glimpses of it but no luck in catching him. We have no idea how old these are, we have no idea who the mom-cat belongs to, we are not planning on having a cat of our own… Interesting times, I might say.


3 responses to “Can you have kittens if you don't have a cat?

  1. Cats crack me up when they hide their heads and think that no one can see them. I would have such a hard time not keeping them all for myself. My husband would make sure I didn’t, though.

    You should post some photos of them!

  2. I really hope they do not enf up living here with us for the rest of their lives. It’s not like I would not like to have a cat around, it’s just that we can’t keep it in the house because of allergy of DH’s godmother.

    I will get some pictures soon, and will post them here. Just please, no lectures on how I’m being cruel to them or anything. I’m trying to save their lives, but even that could be difficult.

  3. Maybe they could just be outdoor cats for you. You know, keeping away mice and small critters that would live near the house. You won’t hear any lectures from me – you’ve done a lot more to help them and their mom than the person she truly belongs to.

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