If I just had wings I could fly

What, another post so soon? What’s the matter with me these days… Well, now I feel like writing this out of my system. Warning: lots of whining ahead! I’m having a poor me day.

So it’s summer again. People get to throw away their winter coats, enjoy the warmth, have a vacation and travel to see new (or old) places. And so very many get to see Clay in concert. Besides me. Let’s see, this is only the fifth summer of wanting to go but lacking the means to do so. I’m losing hope, fast.

In 2003 I wanted to go. Sure, it was just the American Idol tour with just few songs by Clay. I still looked for cheap flights and counted my money. I could not go. Instead I bought a pair of red shoes. Which were a bit too small and gave me blisters when I walked for several kilometers in direct sunlight to get my hands on a copy of the first single. Note to self: never order anything from Amazon in the US. It could get caught in the customs and getting it from there requires traveling to another city and locating the damn customs somewhere completely off any bus route.

In 2004 I wanted to go. But then Clay was touring with Kelly, and I still do not care that much about her. To tell you the truth, I really do not care much for any other band or singer. And my vacation was really short anyway, as I had started in a new job in February so I could not go in the summer when he was doing Not-A-Tour. Again I did look what it would cost me to go, and decided it’s too expensive. And besides, it would not be that long before Clay’s CD would be released here. I mean – all the good US bands and singers do usually land here sooner or later. This being already later.

In 2005 I wanted to go. Maybe not as badly as I had wanted to go in 2003, but still I did want to go. I was reading all those concert recaps at the boards, and I was feeling insanely jealous. They got to see Clay live. I was stuck downloading variable quality video clips of it. And now my hope (bitch) was already fading fast. It could very well be that the day would never come when I would be able to buy a Clay CD anywhere near me. Luckily after that initial purchase from Amazon I had found fans that were willing to send me my fix of clack.

The year 2006 was easier, as there was no summer tour. But that did not keep me from checking if I could go to a Christmas concert. How many days would I have to take off work, where to stay, how much for the flights… No. I’m just not (quite) that crazy.

So here we are, in 2007. And I’m no closer to going to a Clay Aiken concert as I was all those previous years. I still so want to go. I have checked the flights, the hotels, whatever. What is really keeping me from going is that buying tickets all the way from here is really not that easy. And I really can not tell myself that it would be worth flying all the way just to sit in the nosebleeds. So that would mean going to a broker to get tickets. And it all adds up. So once again, I’m not going. I probably could scrape enough money together for the flights and accommodation, but there is no sense if I do not have a seat. Somewhere at least so close to the stage that I can see Clay without binoculars.

P.S. I happened to find out that there actually is a page for Clay in Finnish wikipedia. Damn, now I have to register to it and edit the article. It’s just too bad to be left alone, too many things missing and few things are so wrong. But I do wonder who even made that page – there really are no other fans here that I know of!


3 responses to “If I just had wings I could fly

  1. I’m surprised to find another Clay fan who has not (yet) been to one of his concerts. Its basically a financial reason for me and i have this theory that once I’ve been to one concert, I’ll have to go to them all otherwise I’ll be sitting there saying things like ‘this time last year ……’

    But I probably tell myself that as to avoid feeling left out. But at least there is clack to look forward to.

  2. I wish I would have known you back in the Idol days – we had extra tickets for one of the shows 😦 I know that doesn’t help now…

    I just looked at the tour dates and, if you really want to go, it looks like the Christmas concert/skating thing in Las Vegas would be the least expensive option – at least as far as lodging goes. There are always cheap rooms in Vegas. If you decide you want to give it a shot, I’ll be happy to help with the ticket logistics however I can. Especially if they give fans a pre-sale code. That will usually get you better seats.

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