Days like this

So this is yet another random post. I really do not seem to have much to write about these days. Maybe it’s a good thing, it means that life is as boring as ever. Boring is good. Exciting is usually bad – because my life never seems to be exciting in a good sense, it’s always the bad.

And I’m willing to bet you just about anything that now that I have written that here, things take a turn to the worse again. And make my life exciting again.

What have I been doing with this boredom then? Well, the one thing that still is not just another thing is my riding hobby. I’m supposed to go again tonight, and I’m already feeling it in my stomach. Maybe I really have to quit, as things are not getting any better. At least the first few times it felt good afterwards, but now it seems that it does not. I just get so frustated when I can not make the horse do what I want. It really does not help when the teacher is yelling at the same time. I just can’t find my balance, and it makes everything really, really difficult. Oh well, I’m so cheap that I will use up the card I have bought, so I still have to go several times. But if it still does not feel better in the end I’ll quit.

At work I have really been feeling like doing high tech recently. I’m helping a colleague do some tests. Those tests are done in the woods. So I have been standing in the wood holding a small plastic box, sometimes a steel plate and a small plastic box. Today I was holding a bag of wet saw dust that covered the box behind a steel plate. And after that I was holding a bag of mud covering the box behind a steel plate. Now I smell bad because the bug repellant and reeeeally feel like I have been doing something important.


3 responses to “Days like this

  1. Oh my. Wet sawdust and mud? That doesn’t sound like much fun at all. Though, perhaps the horse will think you’ve gone and done yourself up all nice and smelly just for him and do whatever it is you ask. Is there anywhere else that you could do the riding? It sounds like that instructor might be most of the problem.

    I just saw an article somewhere about vampire moths in Finland. They’re supposed to suck out human blood and use it live. Something special about that, apparently. They even had a photo of some (insane) guy with one on his hand, sucking out the blood. Did you run into any of those while you were in the woods?

  2. Heh – glad you’ve been doing something important. The vampire moths sound… well they sound whack actually, but nature is like that.

    I hope you push on with the riding lessons. There’s always a frustrating phase with a new sport or hobby and it sounds like you’re in that. It always seems you make gains initially, then get worse for a time, and then slowly start to improve again, then plateau, then have a breakthrough…


  3. Megan, they always yell. I am yet to meet a riding instructor that does not yell. There are actually two of them there, and one of them is better than the other. And this really is a small town, so there are no other places to go to.

    And I have read an article on the moth, too. But I have to say I have never seen one. So I do not think they are really that common…

    Bea, I will at least use up my card. There are still six paid lessons in it, so six more weeks of riding for me. And things might change. Yesterday was really not that bad. It was not really great either, but not really that bad.

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