I’m a baaaad blogger. I know how frustrating it is when you just disappear without saying anything. I’m still here. My life is still as boring as it has been lately. This is mostly just a random collection of thoughts.

Yesterday I went riding again. It was not a good day. Why is it so hard? I do not remember it being this hard. I quess it’s still early, I have now taken 7 lessons. That’s not too much. Things will most likely get better over time as I find my balance again. Now everything just gets all messed up when the pace increases, as I can only concentrate on staying in the saddle. But I have quit and started again so many times now, that I know it just takes time. It will come back.

This reminds me of the trip we made to a nearby city a couple weeks ago. As I’ve told you, my old helmet had to go. And I could not buy a new one here. So now I was in the big city, where I went to a shop selling all kinds of horse stuff. I so wanted to buy just about everything there! I can still remember so well when I was young and could not get much horse stuff. Well, I ended buying two helmets, one for me and one for DS and jodhpurs. And now I also a proud owner of a horse rug. I was more than a bit surprised to hear that I get a rug free of charge when I bought the stuff I mentioned. Now if only I had a 135 cm horse to use it on…


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