As was expected

So the Eurovision (song) contest is over. And once again it was proven that the actual song has little to do with the results. How else could you explain that Ukraine came in second?

I will never in a million years understand this contest. But this year was full of surprises, so I’m not the only one. Well, the main thing is that Sweden was beat. So in that sense we won. But that was not enough to keep Finland from having to participate in the semifinal next year.

And Mikko Leppilampi is so cute. And for once I’m not the only one who thinks that way! Some of the women giving points for different countries had noticed it, too. Ahh well, he’s too young anyway, and married.

And we lost the gold in ice hockey, too. But even in that we did beat Sweden, so it was not all bad.


2 responses to “As was expected

  1. Lut, that’s pretty much the case! No matter how bad things turn out, it’s always so great to do better that Sweden. We have lost many battles, as the Swedish often seem be like Gladstone Gander – having unbelievably good luck.

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