Last day of April

This is the last day of April. When I was a student, this was a big celebration. I used to be drunk for days in row. Well, not really drunk, but not completely sober either. I remember that many times my breakfast was a bottle of beer. One of the other students told me that he had an opened bottle of beer right next to his bed, so he could take the first sip without having to open his eyes. Well, he really is a story for another time.

So I spent many last days of April more or less drunk wearing overalls and my teekkarilakki. It is far from clean, but that is the point. It is a shame if it is too clean. It means that you have not worn it; you have not been where the action is. My cord is straight now, as you tie knots to the cord for every year you study up until year four. After that you open the knots and tie one big knot to the cord. That one can be pulled straight after you graduate.

Those last days of April were so much fun. I miss it. Now when I think about it, I miss it a lot. I had friends. I had fun. I was young. The things in one park were fun. I remember especially two of them. One was the laser shot thing, where you aimed at a target with a laser gun. It was fun. The other was a place that in Finnish means both a hot waltzing place and an iron foundry. I’ll let you guess which one was present.

Now I’m sitting here at home. I’ve had few glasses of sparkling wine, but not really much. I get treated to DH’s drunken problems, as he’s had a lot more to drink. It’s funny how things change


One response to “Last day of April

  1. Very cool tradition, with the knots etc. I’m not quite sure what’s so fun about an iron foundry, though 😉


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