The pain is worse than I remembered

I’m not sure if this belongs under the new loser category, but I’m filing it as such anyway.

And I have to tell you that things are not really going too well. Now I have been “dieting” for two weeks, and what do I have to show for it? Oh yes, half kilos of my weight is gone now. Usually you lose a lot in the beginning, even if it’s just water. But me? Nothing. That can not even be called weight loss.

Oh, and I got another ever so helpful letter from the site. There was no single gem in this one, it’s completely useless. It just preaches about hidden fat. That still isn’t my problem! But that’s what you get when one size fits all – or more precisely nobody.

Which leads me to more complaining. I did go to the riding lesson on Saturday. There I learned that my old trusty helmet is no longer acceptable. Luckily you can loan one from there, so I was able to ride anyway. So, today I decided to get a new one for myself. I was thinking how fortunate it is that nowadays I can get all the horsey stuff here, which was not the case when I was a kid. Ummm, no. Yes, they have helmets. But they only have two models to choose from and neither of them fit my head. If I tried on one that was long enough not to be tight at my forehead, it was way too wide. I could stick my hands into the sides, so it was too big. One size does not fit all, or should I say one shape does not fit all. So now I have to wait to get me a new one. Damn.

And while I was there I thought that I’ll try on some pants, just for fun. I think I knew that there is no way I’m ever going to fit one of them, because they are being made for really thin people. Sure, the fabric stretches a little, but not even nearly enough. Regular pants I can always make shorter, but not riding pants. I’ll have to lose at least 15 kilos before I try again. But I’m not holding much hope of ever fitting in riding pants that are not too long for me.

So now I’m just sore. I knew I would be, but this is ridiculous. I have started riding so many times I knew I’ll be reminded of muscles I had forgotten that I have. But it’s just getting worse. Yesterday was already pretty bad, but it still does not compare to today. I had forgotten that, too. That the pain gets worse before it gets better. Yesterday I took DS there to ride, too, and met this woman that had been on the same lesson with me on Saturday. She said that I would be worse today. And I am. Holy shit I am. Last night I had trouble falling asleep because my thighs hurt so much. Today I can barely walk.

But I’m going again next Saturday. I hope it is better than this time. My head remembers what I should do to get the horse to do what I want, but I just can’t do it. And it pisses me off. But it will come back. It will. I’m not quitting now!

And it seems that DS has the fever, too. You should have seen him on Sunday. You could see how much he enjoyed it. I thought that it would be just going around the field walking for a half an hour, but there actually was teaching in it. Teaching how to turn the horse, how to make it stop and how to make it walk again. And they even trotted a little. And he wants to go again, too. I just hope that the other boys do not start to pick on him for having a “girl” hobby… Even though riding is perfectly suitable for both sexes!


One response to “The pain is worse than I remembered

  1. I’ve never been a horse rider, though I did once do one of those small expeditions on a pony. And yes, it did hurt in muscles I didn’t know I had.

    Don’t give up on the diet yet. Give it time.

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