Just because there are real people in it doesn't mean it's not scripted

It seems that I’m running out of ideas on what to write again. So just to show you I’m still alive, here’s what reality junk I’m watching on the TV! Feel free to skip this if not interested in such things.

Finnish idol ended a couple of weeks ago. As always, my favorite got voted out earlier. This year I really did not even have a favorite before the semifinal rounds, nobody really stood up from the mass to me. But in the semifinals I for the first time really saw Kristian. But the first final performance really did ne in. I’m sure he will make a good career in the Finnish music industry. But he got voted out too early. For some reason I completely fail to understand she got voted through for one more week instead. And believe me, that is a really good performance from her. But there’s still something in him, something that will make him go far. I’m not so sure about this year’s winner. I’m very sure his first album will be a huge success, but I just can’t see him in 10 years time. Then again, what do I know. The Finnish people voted him the winner.

This year I have not really been following American Idol. I really have a problem with this year’s contestants. And even here it seems that my favorite never makes it very far in the competition. Remember, we have only seen seasons 4, 5 and now 6 on TV here. And always the one I least want to win the competition does just that. So my prediction is that this year’s winner is Blake. I can not stand him. Or Chris, or Lakisha. I really liked the other Chris, but he’s out now. So I’m not really watching it. Besides, it comes from the TV at a time when I can really not even concentrate on things like watching TV.

What else is there? Oh, they just started showing the Biggest Loser Special Edition. It did not seem too promising. If the people are only shown for two episodes, then you don’t have the time to get to know them. And I miss the voting and wondering who goes home next. This seems like a bad idea. Too much of what made the original show great is missing.

Then I’m watching Survior, again. I have watched a lot of them. A lot. If I remember correctly this is the Guatemala one. If you know who won, please do not tell me. I could not really check if this really is the one, as if I did google it I would most likely find out. I don’t want to. I survivor I rarely even have a favorite contestant, so it does not bother me much even when people are voted off. It’s just a part of the game. It just seems so silly that each season has to be tougher than the previous one. I do not really find it fun to look at people starving and having to make it in the jungle with basically nothing to help with it. The lack of food just seems to make the people lie around all day.

I’m amazed if you made it this far. I managed to use up a lot of space saying basically nothing of interest. But it has been a grey day today, so I’m not really up and running now. On days like this I’d just love to pull the blanket over me and sleep all day!


One response to “Just because there are real people in it doesn't mean it's not scripted

  1. You do like ‘reality’ tv. 🙂
    Sometimes I watch Temptation Island for fun. How people think it is a good idea to participate in that is beyond me.

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