It's that time of the year again

The big day is approaching. Finland is going to host it’s first Eurovision Song Contest. Or, as I’ve said before, the who has the best show contest. As it seems that the actual song has little to do with the success in this competition.

Last year we had the best show. I still remember the whining about the cost of the pyrotechincs needed. But it seems to have paid off. This year I’m not so sure. The song is actually not too bad, but the show aspect of it is severely lacking. On the other hand I’m afraid what they will do to the presentation of the song. Things have gotten from bad to worse so many times I do not care to count it.

But see for yourselves. This is what we are sending to the contest this year. At least the betting agencies do not think that there is much chance of winning. Then again, they were wrong last year, too.


2 responses to “It's that time of the year again

  1. Vote for Sweden’s contesters “The Ark”, they are old friends to J.

    I will host a huuuuuge Eurovision Song contest party the 12th of May (and be thinking of you :-)).

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