If I could say what I wanted

So then, if I had to give someone else a list on what I’d like in a donor and then trust them to make the choice, what would be on my list? It’s not an easy list to make, but to show you it goes way beyond hair color, here are some things that come to my mind. They are not in any particular order, just things that pop into my mind when I think about this. Some of them can be quite silly.

For me eye color is important. So blue eyes would be great. I could also accept green eyes, or gray. Well, just about any color as long it’s not brown or anything like that. I have never fallen for a guy that has brown eyes. I can not understand why, but for me brown eyes would be a big no-no.

But I could not care less about hair color. Any color would do. I’d take red, blond, brown or black. Not a problem. Hair color does not matter to me. All that matters is that there is hair. Bald is not good, whether it’s shaven or just does not grow at all. But body hair should be as nonexistent as possible. Especially back hair. There is nothing yuckier that lot of back hair!

As I am really short and fat, my genes need someone tall and thin to even things out. I need someone who is naturally thin, not someone who works out a lot. And I can not stand the body building types, as you probably know by now from the meme I did recently. If you can not tell where the shoulders stop and neck starts, you’re out. No wide shoulders. No big muscles. No athletes. Just thin. And not too short.

Face. It’s really important. I like oval faces. Jaw should not look square when looked from the front and all in all the jaw and chin may not be too dominating. High cheek bones would be great. And I do not care for a lot of facial hair. And there should be a big smile on the face really often – combined with sparkling eyes.

I’d like to say that he has to have good sense of humor, but it seems to mean completely different things to different people. And it would be too vague if I said that it has to be similar to my sense of humor. Then again I have no sense of humor according to some, so it’s too difficult to tell someone else what to look for.

I do not do well with stupid people. So the donor should be intelligent. Which does not automatically equal a college degree. Some people with degrees can be unbelievably stupid; some have barely made it through high school but can be really bright. So, yet again something that can not easily be explained to someone else. It’s also something that is really hard to find out just by looking at papers of someone. Maybe if there is a tested IQ number, but nothing else can really tell you anything definitive about intelligence.

I actually seem to prefer men that do not have any higher education. I like a man that can do things with his hands. If a man has hands that look like they’ve never been dirty that is suspicious. But then again if you look at all the professions I would never imagine myself in you could bring the same list here as the preferred carriers for the donor. A male nurse or teacher would be the ideal choice. I know many women consider a man in a uniform to be hot, but not for me.

So it does go a way beyond just eye and hair color. Where can I find a sperm bank that lets me find out about all of these things? All I know it’s not here in Finland.


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