Sleeping in your bed

I feel like I should write something. Then again I feel like I have nothing to say at the moment. Vacation was nice but way too short. Now I feel like I’m even more tired than when starting my vacation.

Maybe it is because we spent two nights in a hotel. I’m not sure why, but it seems that as you get older, it gets more difficult to sleep in a strange place. It’s not like the bed was bad or there were too much noises, I just can’t sleep well in a hotel. When I was younger I had no problems in sleeping wherever and whenever. Now it’s not like I can’t fall asleep, it’s more a question of staying asleep long enough to feel like it was enough.

Well, there was the added pleasure of remodeling of the hotel’s sauna facilities, so the sound of drilling was there from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Which leaves you enough time to sleep, so I really can’t even blame that. The customer saunas were done already, so I got to try it. They had these big glass doors between the dressing room and shower room and I somehow managed to get it stuck. Then I was afraid to yank it too much as I was afraid that I’d break it. If it had been a wooden door I could have yanked it harder, as it’s not as likely to break beyond repair.

So there I was, stuck in the dressing room. Had left my clothes in the room, I had only taken a towel, my shoes and the keycard. I looked around for a phone, as there often is one in the dressing room so that you can order something to drink in the sauna. There was none. I briefly considered going to the lobby to complain about it, but I really did not feel like doing it with just a towel to wear. I wanted to go to the sauna and wash myself.

Damn. This was not going according to the plan. I wrapped the towel around myself and went outside the sauna to see if I could find someone to help me without having to go to the lobby. Nobody there. The sounds of work were audible, but nobody was in sight. I decided to take a look in the pool area as I had told DS that there is a pool but I was suspecting it to be too deep for him. As it was. But then it finally came to me that there most likely is a door from the shower room to the pool area, so you do not have to go through the corridor to get there.

Yes! Now we are talking! But which door is the ladies sauna? Eenie meenie… this one. Ooops. I’m glad nobody’s there right now. Then it’s this one. Great! Now I can wash myself. The sauna was actually very nice. Although a bit too hot for my liking. The water in the pool was cold. As like very cold. Not cold like when it first feels a bit cold but warm the next second. This was cold like you could feel the tingling in your body cold. Sounds like someone forgot to turn the heater on. But it still felt great!

Umm… OK, so I did have something to say after all. Adventures in the hotel sauna. BTW, do all hotels usually have a sauna or is this just in Finland? Because I do not think you can find a building in this country that does not have a sauna. Yes, that includes office buildings. Wait, the one I work in does not have one. There goes that theory…


3 responses to “Sleeping in your bed

  1. We have saunas in the US, but it sounds like they aren’t the same thing. Ours are steam rooms made out of wood. A lot of people like to use them to lose weight because you sweat a lot while you’re in there. I’ve never liked them very much because they always have a funny smell and it creeps me out.

    I think I might need to plan a trip to Finland. It sounds like you guys have all the fun stuff there!

  2. Stuck with only a towel to wear, that is quite an adventure. Good thing you found an escape route. 🙂

    Only the classier hotels have sauna’s here.

  3. Maybe I explained it poorly. Sauna is most of the times a room with a loot of wood in it. Wood on the walls, wood to sit on. Only the door was glass. And I never really mentioned that the sauna room is not the same room as the shower room, which is – well, a room with showers in it.

    But loosing weight in sauna? Well, no. Or you can lose some weight temporarely as you sweat and lose water. But it all comes back when you drink something. And it is not recommended to not drink, as you can become dehydrated. I do know that sometimes people doing sports where weight matters like wrestling can use sauna to lose weight before a competition. But it’s always temporary!

    And if it smells, then I’m thinking that there could be a hygiene problem. As a lot of water gets used in the sauna you have to let it dry properly. If it’s always moist, all kinds of things will grow. Or if the water insulation has not been done properly in the first place and water gets inside the walls then you are really in trouble!

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