On holiday

talvimaisemia 015

This week I’m having my winter holiday, more often referred to as the skiing holiday. So here is one picture of the winter out here. Not much snow…


5 responses to “On holiday

  1. Pretty trees! I always like *looking* at snow.

    Does everyone get a week off, or did you just choose to take one week of the vacation you have for the year? You know, we only get 2 weeks of vacation, plus 10 company holidays here in the States. I consider my husband one of the lucky ones because he gets 3 weeks off…

  2. I chose to have the week off. But then again, I get 5 weeks off per year. And if you do not take them all during summertime (May – September) you get extra days. So I’ve actually had 6 weeks of vacation. Yes, I know I’m lucky. But even that seems like not enough. What would be enough then? I have no idea. All I know that I did manage to get bored when I was out of job for 8 months, but the first 6 or so went quite nicely 🙂

  3. I’ve always thought that we should work for two days and have the other five off. Whoever decided “weekend” should be the short part had it all wrong! I hope you enjoyed your week!

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