Another one completed!

Megan swap #2

As I said after the first swap with Megan, we both loved the packages so much that we decided to do it again! This is what I got this time. DS really loved Zurg, so it was ripped out of it’s package before I couldd take this pic. And I think I’m in love with those Dove cookies, now the only problem is how to get more…

And now I can measure in cups instead of converting everything to desiliters!! Oh yeah. I’ve already used those to bake some chocolate chip cookies from the chips received in this package.

The rasberry iced tea is also really great. I could not believe that such a small amount could make a lot of water tase so good! I still have to try some of the stuff in this package, but everything has been great so far.


3 responses to “Another one completed!

  1. We might have to set up a quarterly swap just for those Dove cookies and the chocolate-filled mint candies you sent me! I’m glad you’ve liked everything so far.

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